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            1. Jiangsu Xinzhongxin  Co., Ltd.
              中文 / English
              • XZX join the ADIPEC 2019

                Date: Nov 9-12, 2019
                Location: ABU DHABI, UAE
                Booth No.: 10118
              • XZX join the Expo CIOAE 2018

                Date: Nov 21-23, 2016
                Location: Nanjing, China
                Booth No.: 136
              • XZX join the Expo MICONEX 2017

                Date: Sep 25-28, 2017
                Location: Shanghai, China
                Booth No.:239

              XZX is an expert in process analysis system, a leading provider of precise and reliable instrument valve and fittings for critical applications

              Combining our production line with application knowledge, we deliver customers measurable performance advantages and lower cost of ownership


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